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Live Chat Improves Customer Service on Websites.
Here in this internet presence service, we can provide live chat for visitors and given solution to the customers at a same time. In this schema customer solve their problem easily and also in less time and more efficient way.
If you have a sell or buy any particular products that time, website visitors can get live and up-to-date information on any product easily without any problem. for example any of particular product can sell or buying by customer that time all types of question and answer can find here easily and also he get  basic information about the product  will be less likely to abandon the application process if live assistance is available.
In this live chat service, speed and response time is very less between customer and website owner so make more satisfaction to the customers and there is no any extra cost for this to the customers
For example, operators can send website visitors to pages containing driving directions to local branch offices. Unlike with telephone calls, visitors can readily be shown pages with complex legal information and graphical information, such charts and tables.
Key Advantages of Live Chat Support on Websites
Live Website Navigation Help
Swiftly answer questions from the occasional online visitor who needs help right away or doesn`t have time to wait for an email response.
Live Product/Service Assistant
Chat Support from our Live Help Operator can help you find and know the product or service. Customer care Representatives will help customers to inform them about products / services that they ask.
Prompt reply of visitor’s basic queries
Our experts can give best solution or answered for the visitor’s queries at immediately, as well as also give the best solutions.
Live Inquiry forwarded to website owner
In this schema that’s all visitors information sent to the owner of website who can visit the site and also know about their queries and feedback
Website Visitor Monitoring
We can also gathering information of web site visitor and no of visitor. We can count easily and record also ask question asking by the customers

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