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In our Softicon division, we have developed many generalized and customized software for various sectors like Government, Industries, Private firms, Organizations, Institutes, Small Shops, Educational Institutes and Large corporate offices. Our different generalized products are famous and familiar in different sectors. We develop both generalize as well as customized software. Generalize software are meant for the public at large while, customized software are developed on Users requirements.

Generalized Software, Applications and Games are developed for Laptop, Desktop and Mobile for Personal and Official use. It is handled by the team of qualified software engineers, programmers, marketing executives & customer care executives.

For developing Customized Software, our engineers and programmers work continuously to develop it as per the user requirement and works till the user wholly satisfied from it. We constantly try and implement fresh ideas in the software so that we can give something more to our customer along with their basic needs.

In our Webicon division, we have developed many static & dynamic web projects as per the requirements of our clients. We have a long list of websites developed by us for different clients falling under commercial, organizational and other communities which has helped them in increasing their business and reputation in the market. The list is growing with the addition of satisfied valuable clients. We do believe that our clients are our brand ambassadors who have indirectly supported us to enhance our reputation in the market through their satisfaction.

We try and give best web solutions along with the facility of email marketing and web publishing. Webicon division manages web projects & online software solutions. We are using PHP, mysql and many other tools of web development, animation and design.

The importance of Marketing and Promotion is reapidy increasing today. In order to provide the service for the same, we have created Mediaicon division. Our Mediaicon division, we provide different types of services like Advertisement creation, SMS marketing, Email marketing, Multimedia CD presentation, campaign and road show etc. We guide and help our clients in increasing their sales with the help of above mentioned marketing gadgets.

For providing the aid in marketing activities of the Company, we have also developed softwares for the same like such as bulk Email & SMS sender. We also provide services for conceptual movie advertisement, animation film, presentations for the Companies & Seminar.

As we all know that if we want to convey something to other it should be said in proper and simple way and it is a part of art. We follow the same concept in Articon and develop an art or say advertisement which convey the message to people at large and helps our client to increase their business.

In Articon division, we creatively develop artistic logos for the company as well as design their advertisement for different media like Newspaper, T.V (via local cable connection), etc. This division is handled by Market Research officers, Concept designers & testers.

In Systemicon division, we create HiFi software to support Hardware related activities.
Our programmers and developers find new techniques to connect different software with new hardware and try to give something new to the market.

The various product that fall under this category are Touch screen integrated solution with our presentation software, Barcode scanner with our barcode generator software, RFID device with our Attendance Management Software, Library Management & Campus Management software, Finger Print reader with our Attendance and Visitor Management software, GSM router for sending SMS, calling, etc.

One such example includes the development of RFID device with attendance software wherein the attendance entries of Students are automatically recorded when the student keeps E-card in front of the device.

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